Spotlight on Talent: Hackensack Meridian Health, Denise DeSalvo

by Talent Plus

May 10, 2021Articles

Hackensack Meridian Health in New Jersey is no stranger to being in the spotlight.

The organization is the No. 1 hospital in New Jersey and one of the top 50 best hospitals in the United States on several lists, among other accolades. This recognition denotes a culture of engagement and commitment to excellence and high performing people.

Pediatric operating room nurse Denise DeSalvo exemplifies this excellence.

Excellence In Action

DeSalvo, was arriving for her shift one day when she noticed Selis Tavsancil in the hospital parking garage, in labor, unable to walk the rest of the way into the hospital.

DeSalvo ran to Tavsancil and her husband, and was soon joined by Christine Zweil, another nurse who had heard the commotion. Thanks to the quick actions of these two talented nurses, the baby was delivered in the parking garage and then taken into the hospital.

Later, the healthy boy (named Aksel) was the talk of the hospital and beyond, with the local news reporting on the incident.

“We are so proud of the heroic actions taken by Christine and Denise who didn’t hesitate for a moment to help someone they saw in distress.”

Dianne A.M. Aroh
Chief Patient Care and Clinical Officer

Talented Employees Make The Difference

DeSalvo’s actions clearly identify her as a resourceful, patient-centric individual. She who isn’t afraid to take command of a situation and deliver the best possible experience for her patients, regardless of what conditions she finds herself in.

Using the Talent Plus assessment, the recruiting team at Hackensack could predict her potential before she was hired. Her top themes — exactness, achiever and patient centricity — highlighted her natural tendencies long before baby Aksel made his appearance in that garage.

How Talent Plus Helps

As part of a strategy to elevate culture, Talent Plus assessments allow our client partners to find and develop highly talented individuals who have the potential to perform with excellence — and enjoy every second of their jobs.

DeSalvo is one of millions of people identified by our assessments as a top performer — someone with the know-how and willingness to work hard and enjoy their duties. Filling an organization with these top performers creates, in turn, a more engaged culture.

The Science of Human Potentiality Discovered DeSalvo’s Talents


DeSalvo’s strongest theme is Exactness, which shines in the delivery of baby Aksel.
+ Organized
+ Neat
+ Detail-oriented

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