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The Science of Talent

Talent Plus creates interviews and assessments that measure talent for a particular job in a particular industry. These selection tools can evaluate people who have previously been in that role or people who have never been in that role. Talent Plus interviews and assessments meet all of the U.S. Department of Labor Uniform Guidelines and are scientifically validated instruments. Our research team not only builds all of our instruments, but continuously performs benchmark studies across industries to benchmark the best performers in various industries. Our clients have the benefit of knowing the research they receive is solid and in partnership with our clients. We prove ROI time and time again.

The concept of validity refers to the general question, “How well does an instrument measure what it is intended to measure?” In relation to Talent Plus interviews and assessments, validity refers specifically to the question, “How well do Talent Plus selection tools measure talent for the job in question?” The U.S. Department of Labor Uniform Guidelines describes three major aspects of validity for selection instruments: construct, content and criterion validity. Criterion validity can take two forms, concurrent or predictive. Our tools predict potential. They give our clients a predictive glimpse into the performance of an individual specific to the job role and our results prove it works.