Talent Plus Issues White Paper “Unlock Talent Strategies for Stronger Teams”

by Talent Plus

October 27, 2023Press Releases

(Lincoln, Neb.) – Talent Plus has launched a white paper discussing the impact of leadership talent on team dynamics with the goal to create an understanding of the importance of leadership alongside that of the team – expanding upon the research and discussion of 4 critical ways to unlock powerful team dynamics:

  1. Understand leaders’ strengths,
  2. Equip leaders to personalize their approach,
  3. Train leaders in team dynamics and
  4. Assess the gaps.

Through conversations and coaching, Talent Plus president Makenzie Rath, cites what Talent Plus heard most about that people want from their careers/workplaces:

  •  To be a part of talented teams that enjoy and complement each other.
  • To work with leaders who appreciate and invest in our development.
  • To be valued for the talents and strengths we bring to the table.
  • To be recognized for our successes and supported through our failures.
  • To feel a sense of purpose through our roles.

“To improve company culture,” Scott C. Whiteford, PhD, the white paper’s author, offers, “leaders must evaluate the strengths of their team members, understand the team as a whole, and put each team member in the best places for them to succeed.”

American writer Annie Dillard states, “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” Thus, team culture really matters when 33% of our lives are spent on the job.

Knowing this reality, Dr. Whiteford adds, “The crucial component of building a strong team culture is to assess the inner workings of the team in real time. Although it’s important to implement a strengths-based approach through assessing the strengths of team members, focusing on their development and understanding of the Talent Grid, it’s equally important to see how the team culture is taking shape at the moment.”

Whiteford and Rath hope leaders and team members will download this impactful white paper and begin to apply these talent strategies to their teams and explore more to create stronger teams in their workplaces. “When team dynamics improve, the workplace improves,” concludes Rath.