Mark Epp, Senior Management Consultant, Weighs In on Staffing Shortages

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August 21, 2017 In The News

Spark Hire recently reached out to HR industry experts, including Mark Epp, Talent Plus ® Senior Management Consultant, to seek their insights on the rising talent pool shortage in their blog, “Talent Pool Shortage: Stop the Panic and Start the Progress.” Spark Hire shares that “a quality talent pool is important to every business,” but according to a recent survey conducted by ManPowerGroup, “40% of employers globally are having trouble filling positions.” Based upon the declining talent pool, the experts offered their advice. According to Epp, the best thing you can do is “focus on [people’s] potential to be successful in the job. Skills can be taught, talent is innate.”

Click here to learn more from Epp and the fellow experts.

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