Talent Plus® and Heritage Consulting by B+R Form Strategic Partnership

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February 04, 2021 Talent Lifecycle
Talent Plus® and Heritage Consulting by B+R Form Strategic Partnership

(Lincoln, Neb.) – Makenzie Rath, President, Talent Plus ®, Inc.; and Olivia C. Brown, CEO, Co-Founder; and Angella M. Reid, COO, Co-Founder, Heritage Consulting by B+R; announced today, on Rosa Park’s birthday, that they have formed a strategic partnership to collaborate on leadership development and leverage each other’s strengths. 

As part of this partnership, Heritage Consulting by B+R will utilize Talent Plus to bolster their work in the selection, diversity, equity and inclusion, and development space, and Talent Plus will lean on Heritage Consulting by B+R’s Small Business power in pursuing hospitality, healthcare and government contracts.

“We [Talent Plus] are eager to partner with Olivia and Angella and their consultants’ know-how and expertise to complement the services and solutions Talent Plus offers our current and prospective clients,” said Rath. 

Talent Plus Executive Vice President, Client Strategy, Partnerships and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Dr. Denise Caleb, said, “Heritage Consulting by B+R demonstrates the hard work of two incredible co-founders and leaders moving a valuable business concept and vision forward. They have a tremendous foundation of know-how, experience and exceptional talent. When we started to consider our potential work together and recognized the alignment of our mission, vision and values, we knew we needed to form a lasting strategic partnership.”

“We started a new business in the fourth quarter of 2019,” said Angella Reid and Olivia Brown of the genesis of Heritage Consulting by B+R. “Instead of folding our tent when COVID-19 impacted our industry and the global economy, we hunkered down to shore up the foundation of our business by completing our U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Women Owned Small Business (WOSB), National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) national and regional certifications, while rounding out our consulting team with best-in-class, diverse, subject matter experts.” 

“We are thrilled to partner with the best in the business, Talent Plus, to help companies identify and transform their workforce in a way that truly meets the moment we are in. Our partnership is a win-win as the power of our ‘minority-women-owned’ status enables us to tap into sectors outside hospitality such as healthcare and government. We are convinced that our Covid-year composure and our commitment to meeting our clients’ needs will lead to an even stronger foundation for our business moving forward. We’re ready to get to work and leverage our decades of experience to help our colleagues,” said Reid and Brown. “We were thoughtful about determining when to announce our partnership. We ultimately chose the beginning of Black History Month and specifically Rosa Parks’ birthday to honor women. Two powerful companies which are committed to supporting minority-and women-owned businesses form this partnership. We are ready to actualize a better world with Olivia and Angella,” said Caleb

About Heritage Consulting by B+R
Committed to clients, Heritage Consulting by B+R is a minority women-owned small business that delivers business solutions and training that drives Performance Improvement, Culture and Operational Transformation in Hospitality, Healthcare, Corporate and Government sectors. For more information, www.heritageconsultingbybr.com or call (513) 781-9784.  

About Talent Plus ®
Talent Plus, Inc. is the premier human capital and talent management consulting partner. As experts at each critical inflection across the talent lifecycle, their solutions scientifically assess, select, onboard, develop, coach, engage and retain the right people with the right talents to grow and gain a profound and sustained competitive advantage over industry peers. With offices in the USA and Singapore, visit www.talentplus.com or call 1-(800) VARSITY (827-7489).                           

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