A Moment to Reflect and Be Grateful

by Makenzie Rath

November 21, 2022LeadershipEngagement

It feels more important than usual to slow down and reflect on what we’ve all faced during the last few years — the challenges and the unknowns — and to give thanks as much as we can. Here on the verge of a new year, we have new insights, innovations, and a fresh yet hard-won perspective on what we value most.

As I look back, I’m flooded with gratitude — for my family, my colleagues, and our clients. If I’ve learned anything in the last few years, it’s that dealing with the unknown is easier when you know and care for the people around you. Dr. William E. Hall, Talent Plus Founder, once said, “Build — and encourage others to build — nurturing, caring, and loving environments for growth and success.”

I believe in the nurturing, caring, and loving environment he started so long ago here at Talent Plus. Our legacy and ongoing commitments mean we’re poised to thrive in the future. As I look around me and consider what it takes to build a culture of caring, I think, again, of Dr. Hall’s words of wisdom:

“Focus on what each person in your life can do. Appreciate them for this talent and invest in them, which will enrich their life.”

Whether that’s in our homes, in our companies, or in our communities, I encourage us to look closely at the people around us. Let’s appreciate them with our actions and our words of affirmation. And let’s keep investing in and enriching each other’s lives with our time and talent.

Makenzie Rath

President, Talent Plus, Inc.

P.S. Are you looking for new ways to invest in your people?

Makenzie Rath

Makenzie is the President of Talent Plus where each day, she leads with a focus on our mission, “We know every person has talent.” Through supporting and partnering with our colleagues and client partners, Talent Plus works to create a world where people do what they are good at and enjoy.

“Talent Plus is positioned for unprecedented success and growth because we have the premier science in the industry alongside extraordinary colleagues.”

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