Stuck in a Loveless Relationship with Your Job – The Business Times

by Talent Plus

March 26, 2018In The News

Stephen Wang, Managing Director of Talent Plus, Asia Pacific, is featured amongst fellow experts, answering “to move on or not to move on, that is the question,” with The Business Times. The article, “Stuck in a Loveless Relationship with Your Job,” discusses the peaks, valleys and plateaus that occur in every relationship, including your career.

“For a start, it would be helpful to know that getting stuck in the doldrums could happen to anyone – even high-performers.

“‘This feeling can occur even if one were doing well in their career trajectory,’ says Stephen Wang, managing director of Talent Plus, Asia Pacific.

“While it is ‘not uncommon’ for workers to feel stuck, the experience for each individual is different and uniquely personal, he notes. While it is often used as a blanket term to describe disengagement, being stuck in a rut does not mean the same thing to everyone.”

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