Talent Analytics and the Bottom Line: What you May be Missing

by Talent Plus

September 13, 2016Webcasts

Big data means different things to different organizations. When it comes to future growth, your people are your greatest asset. There are scientific ways to measure their talent and build innovative, high-performing teams, but do you know how?

How can you define the analytics that move you toward future growth? Understand the metrics that truly matter with your people. When done right, it could be a multimillion-dollar difference.

You’ll learn:

  • How to mirror case studies that have leveraged big data for HR, with real ROI
  • How to identify the analytics that matter in HR
  • How to utilize world-class applications of people analytics

Register for this educational webinar and see the benefits that scientific talent analytics can bring to your organization.

This webinar is presented by the HRO Today Talent Management Thought Leadership Council. To gain access to the webinar, please register here.