What are Your Favorite Podcast Shows for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners? – CEO Blog Nation

by Talent Plus

March 21, 2018In The News

Kimberly Rath, Talent Plus Co-Founder and Co-Chairman, is featured amongst fellow entrepreneurs and business owners who share their favorite business podcast with CEO Blog Nation. The blog, “19 Entrepreneurs Explain Their Favorite Business Podcast,” provides a great list of inspirational business podcasts.

“The podcast I am a huge fan of right now is that of two of my senior colleagues, Larry Sternberg and Kim Turnage, ‘Managing to Make A Difference.’ Each week this past year, they have taken leaders through conversations on a variety of topics and then provided opportunities for listeners to ‘practice’ in their laboratories. I gain a great deal of insight from the interviews Larry and Kim have conducted and the stories they are telling. It’s aimed at managers and it gives me something to think about as I listen whether live or as I travel and get out and walk.” – Kimberly Rath

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