Improve Your Talent Pipeline and Manage Your High Potentials – Politicians vs. Performers (Part 3 of 7)

by Talent Plus

April 06, 2016Selection

There is nothing more important for the long-term success of your team, department and company than identifying your pipeline and managing your high potentials. Whether you are thinking about who to promote, how to identify your successor or how to be a better manager, this list of things to consider along with some key questions to ponder is a good place to start. In this blog series, we are exploring 25 ways to keep your great employees engaged and help them continue to out-perform everyone else.
This week we examine politicians vs. performers.

Case 3: A study by a well-known technology company found that “politicians” ended up getting more and bigger promotions than those individuals who were exceptional coaches, strategic thinkers and productive workers, even though the politicians did not deserve these promotions based on their performance. This company was essentially (but unintentionally) telling employees that who you know is more important that what you know or how well you can apply your knowledge and talents. If you can identify the “politicians” at work, you can ensure that they do not get promoted over someone who is likely to be an exceptional performer. By keeping these “politicians” at bay, you are likely to increase performance and engagement, and reduce turnover.
9. Do you know who your “politicians” are (the people who are well connected and well liked, but not actually that great at what they do)?
10. How will you deal with “politicians” at work who are average performers but think they deserve a promotion?

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