Invest in Your Team Through a TeamView® Engagement

by Talent Plus

September 19, 2022BlogDevelopment

At Talent Plus, we know that team talent is a strong predictor of outcomes our clients care about. For instance, talented team members are more likely to be top performers, and individuals in departments that tend to select top talent are more likely to stay. However, talent is only one piece of the puzzle. In order to fully engage teams, it’s important to invest in them. One way to do this is through TeamView.

The purpose of TeamView is to ask team members how their team is performing on dimensions such as communication, ask how they think their team should be performing, then analyze any gaps to create a plan of action. A team might rate their current level of communication as a 4 out of 7 and their ideal level of communication as a 6 out of 7. Our consultants would work with the team and their leader to close that gap, perhaps by implementing a daily Formation in which team members review values, give shout-outs, and make announcements.

Another important aspect of TeamView is that a gap can exist not only when a team is too low on a dimension, but also when they are too high. Perhaps a team’s results indicate that their communication level is a 7 out of 7 and their ideal communication level is a 5 out of 7. It could be that the team is required to share updates too frequently, or there are too many meetings. Talent Plus consultants would receive the results, ask questions, and from there, identify such growth areas and recommend next steps.

The beauty of TeamView is how it fits into the Investment piece of the Growth Formula: (Talent + Fit) * Investment = Growth, where growth is defined as near-perfect performance. According to this formula, growth only occurs when investment is present. Consider a team with perfect talent, perfect fit, but no investment: (100 + 100) * 0 = 0. In this situation, all the right people were in all the right places, but the company did not hold up its end of the deal by investing in the talent it worked so hard to bring in. 

TeamView is an impactful way to invest because it affects multiple team members at once. It shows entire teams that you are listening and that you care. Above all, it shows your top talent that you will take action on the growth areas that they identify. Following through on the gaps team members review through TeamView is the most crucial part of the exercise and can make worlds of difference for a team. It also lets you help teams help themselves by coaching them on the areas they can improve themselves while you focus on the areas that need your support the most.

Your job isn’t over after you select talented teams.

It’s up to you to continuously invest in their growth. By making use of TeamView, taking action on the results, and coaching teams to take ownership of what they can, you will make a difference through investment. And if (Talent + Fit) * Investment = Growth, the results will speak for themselves.