Kim Turnage Discusses Relationships between Physicians and Hospitals

by Talent Plus

August 22, 2017In The News

Kim Turnage, Talent Plus ® Senior Leadership Consultant and co-author of Managing to Make a Difference, weighs in on “How Hospitals Can Improve Relationships with Physicians.” Ebix blog shares that more and more medical practices are “moving toward a physician employment model.” With 57.9% of physicians now directly employed by a hospital or medical group, “the relationships hospitals have with these employed physicians also need to shift.” So Ebix blog reached out to the experts, including Turnage, seeking advice on improving hospital/physician relationships in the workplace.

For Turnage, the focus needs to be on empowering physicians who have gone from working autonomously to now being managed as employees. It’s important to “cultivate positive, personalized relationships with physicians, and make them feel significant as human beings, not just as service providers.”

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