Know What Your Team Really Thinks with TeamView®

by Talent Plus

September 03, 2022BlogDevelopment

A Talent-Based Organization® leverages the natural talents of people to make the greatest individual and organizational impact. When teams work in sync, an organization can alter its course and foster a culture of engagement. However, when teams are not in sync, organizations suffer and, in some instances, implode. So, how can an organization gauge the thoughts and feelings their teams may be experiencing?  

Through a performance-enhancing survey, TeamView®, Talent Plus delivers an in-depth look into the team dynamics of how employees feel about their teams and organization to identify opportunities for action. TeamView® is designed to collect team members’ feedback and opinions on many facets of their participation in a specific team. With the objective to enhance team engagement and elevated performance, the survey helps to understand how the team presently functions. Talent Plus consultants measure seven dimensions of highly effective teams providing insight into where the team feels they should be in order to be high functioning. 

Before determining how to bridge the gap between how the team presently operates and how it should function, it is necessary to examine existing functionality and expected functionality. Accordingly, as a first step to the survey, our team of internal experts examines how your team currently functions and how it ought to function. We then work in identifying the best approach to narrowing the gap between these two points.    

We assess seven dimensions of highly successful teams (i.e., Organization, Relationships, Thought Process, Purpose, Goal-Orientation, Communication, and Participation) which gives us insight into the areas where the team believes they need to improve in order to be high functioning. To administer the survey, Talent Plus provides each team participant a link to an online survey that asks them to rate their team on a one-to-seven scale. At the team retreat, the results are compiled and then presented in an anonymous manner. Through the discussion of the results, Talent Plus consultants and team members will examine the dynamics of the team and determine actions necessary to enhance team cohesiveness and performance.

Some of the TeamView® applications include: 

  • Proactive listening: Provide a healthy outlet to gather and attend to team members’ perspectives about their participation in a team​. 
  • Dynamics analysis: Identify where your team’s dynamics are generating collaboration, cohesion and performance, and where there is room for growth​. 
  • Clear prioritization: Identify opportunities based on where your team is today versus where it believes it should be, utilizing a simple red-yellow-green approach​. 
  • Streamline productivity: Set goals and build an action plan to fast track team productivity and results​. 
  • Enhance team leadership: Provide your managers with the scientific data on how to best lead their teams to success​.