Looking Ahead With Purpose

by Makenzie Rath

January 02, 2024Blog

At this time last year, I was anticipating the launch of Talent+Ready and predicting that 2023 would be focused on increased employee engagement and reinvesting in caring leadership. 

I’m proud to celebrate the inspiring accomplishments of our colleagues this year that will shape our future in 2024.  


We successfully introduced Talent+Ready, our solution for helping our amazing clients with succession planning. And just in time! About 10,000 people born between the 1940s and 50s are reaching retirement age every day. Talent+Ready is a scientifically predictive solution that identifies future leaders and executives and knows when they’re ready to take on additional leadership responsibilities. 

Talent Plus is thrilled we can offer our clients a way to make that transition smooth. 

Core Values

Being a leader who listens, creates strong teams and models our values has proven to be the best investment we could have made. 

Having a list of core values is important, but living them is what matters. At Talent Plus, we do social responsibility a little differently through daily formation and “pillars,” which move us beyond talk to action. 

Our “pillars” each year are organizations we choose to serve — two local and one global — which gives us a sense of purpose and a way to practice our values in the community. We each go “all in” in ways that honor our shared identity and our individuality. 

Daily morning FormationSM centers us on our values. It’s how we check in, connect and celebrate the successes of our clients and colleagues.  

No doubt, major shifts in leadership are creating challenges and opportunities. This year, I’m asking myself these questions, among others: 

  • What can we carry from the Baby Boomers’ leadership legacy into a new year and era? 
  • How can we continue to serve our clients at the highest level of collaboration and satisfaction and live our values at work and in our communities? 

Talent Plus will celebrate a birthday in the coming year. Thirty-five years of service, of having the best client partners, of living out our mission and creating The Science of Talent  ®– all to actualize a better world! 

I couldn’t be more honored to lead at this important moment in our history, and I look forward to a future full of promise, purpose and service. 

Makenzie Rath

Makenzie is the President of Talent Plus where each day, she leads with a focus on our mission, “We know every person has talent.” Through supporting and partnering with our colleagues and client partners, Talent Plus works to create a world where people do what they are good at and enjoy.

“Talent Plus is positioned for unprecedented success and growth because we have the premier science in the industry alongside extraordinary colleagues.”

Talents: Focus, Intelligence, Individualized Approach, Conceptualization, Persuasion