Make A Difference: Go Ahead, Get Close to Your People

by Talent Plus

May 30, 2017Leadership

For some managers, navigating one-on-one relationships with direct reports may feel like a tricky needle to thread. You get all kinds of advice with a common theme that has something to do with “a line” and where you should draw it.

Our advice from Chapter 3 of Managing to Make a Difference is … erase the line.  We say there doesn’t have to be a line at all and that, in fact, drawing a line can diminish your ability to motivate, engage and retain your top performers.

Listen in on our podcast on this topic, as Larry and I swap stories with our friend and colleague, Kesha Harris, about how managers who get closer to their people make a bigger difference for those individuals and for the overall performance of their teams and organizations, in part by inspiring the magic of discretionary effort.

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