Make A Difference: Prioritize One-on-One Meetings

by Talent Plus

June 05, 2017Leadership

The most important and powerful meetings are one on one. Nothing can accelerate the quality of a manager’s relationships with team members faster than one-on-one time. Here are a few statistics to consider:

  •  Although 89% of people want to meet with their managers one on one at least once per month, only 73% actually do.
  • Only one in four women have had a career conversation about how they can develop, and only one in five have ongoing career conversations with their managers. Among these same women, 82% say they would be more engaged, 75% say they would be more likely to stay with their employers and 78% say they would share their ideas more freely if they were having career conversations with their managers. Those are some enormous opportunity gaps!

Listen in as Larry Sternberg and I discuss how to find the time to meet one on one with your people and how to structure that time to have development-focused discussions with everyone on your team. When you do, you can achieve those higher levels of engagement, retention and creative contribution. We even give you an example of a tried-and-true Career Investment Discussion – a specific list of questions – to help you get started.
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