#PX2019: Best 10 Tweets

by Talent Plus

April 10, 2019BlogHealth Care

Talent Plus ® attended the 2019 Patient Experience Conference by The Beryl Institute. This series takes a closer look at challenges healthcare professionals face today and conference takeaways.
For three days, healthcare professionals gathered in Dallas with the sole mission to find ways to collaborate and learn new ways to enhance the patient experience for individuals seeking care at their facilities.
Here’s the recap of in-depth insights and inspiration on Twitter from #PX2019.

#10 Patient Experience, Defined
The Beryl Institute sets the stage for the conference with a definition that gets straight to the point:
The sum of all interactions, shaped by an organization’s culture, that influence patient perceptions across the continuum of care.

#9 Service Recovery Barriers
Carol Santalucia, MBA, Director of Service Excellence and Culture at Cleveland Clinic, presented on making right when things go wrong.

#8 Why? Because I Said I Would
Presenter Alex Sheen — a trending topic throughout the conference — shared how the loss of his father sparked an idea: because I said I would, a nonprofit, has had a hand in 9.81 millions promises kept.

#7 Work Hard, Play Hard
The conference was not all business. Arkansas Children’s Hospital flaunts its culture where team members are close — six-people-in-an-Uber close.

#6 Diversity
As a result of implementing a cultural advisory panel, Children’s Mercy Hospital increased bilingual physician hires, improved hospital signage to include multiple languages and began providing more diverse food options.

#5 Numbers, Numbers, Numbers
Nothing drives home the point of how much information we are expected to take in like this slide Dr. Amanda Montalbano captured.

#4 Rana Awdish’s Poignant Message to Doctors
Awdish’s experience with a critical illness discussed in her best-selling memoir, In Shock, led to a career devoted to improving empathy through connection and communication.

#3 Building Trust
A word to the wise: Trust is built upon competence and character. Do your team members have a natural talent for caring, honesty, transparency, fairness, openness and authenticity?

#2 Why Compassion is Critical
Darwin’s position: communities with the largest number of compassionate members flourish best.

#1 Compassion Heals
This quote sums up PX2019 perfectly.

Jessica Reiser and Nia Nielsen attended the Beryl Patient Experience Conference in Dallas, Texas, April 2019. Reiser is the health care consultant business developer at Talent Plus. Nielsen is a brand strategist at Talent Plus.