#PX2019: Taking the Beryl Institute Patient Experience Conference One Step Further

by Talent Plus

April 25, 2019BlogHealth Care

Talent Plus ® attended the 2019 Patient Experience Conference by The Beryl Institute. This series takes a closer look at challenges healthcare professionals face today and conference takeaways.

”To Care is Human” — or is it?

This year’s Beryl Institute Patient Experience Conference provided exceptional examples of what happens when patients and their family members are placed at the center of the care they receive. So, if everyone had the natural ability to care greatly, why is the reminder necessary — To Care is Human — as this year’s conference theme?
Talent Plus uses science to understand the talents a person possesses and to predict who will execute a role with near perfect performance. In other words, we see caring from a scientific perspective that can be measured.

What Science Says

In the last year, Talent Plus studied 1,571,320 clinical and non-clinical health care professionals. We assess how they naturally respond to their environments and interactions with others — colleagues, patients and patient families. Our data suggests taking the Beryl Institute’s thesis a step further: To Care is a Talent.
“After 30 years of studying over 10 million individuals, we know that everyone has talent,” says Dr. Brett Wells, Chief Science and Consulting Officer at Talent Plus. “However, we also know that not everyone has the natural aptitude to care — only a fraction of individuals hit this level of excellence, and for some, it’s a clear weakness.”

What Training Can’t Overcome

You have probably met at least one person who is not capable of producing authentic and genuine care, no matter how many trainings they attend. Now, imagine them as your bedside nurse: they may attend to your health needs with clinical excellence, but by no means elevate your care experience.

The Four Talent Themes of Caring

Each year, nurses who embody super-human compassionate care are recognized by the DAISY Award®. Nurses are nominated by anyone who experiences or observes caring talent in action — patients, family members, other nurses, physicians, other clinicians and staff. Across 18 of our client partners, award-winning nurses stand head and shoulders above our industry top performers in four talent themes: Relationship, Positivity, Mission and Patient Centricity.
Taken together, the pinnacle of nursing excellence boils down to caring talent— a natural pattern of thinking, feeling and behaving that transforms the patient experience in every interaction. Within our database of research studies, these caring talents have been directly linked to driving a variety of healthcare KPIs such as engagement, turnover, patient satisfaction, productivity and malpractice, among others.

Caring is Not Hardwired

While we would all like to believe that caring is part of our human condition, it is not something hardwired for all of us. This points to the critical role science plays in assessing, discovering and developing the talents in each caregiver towards truly transforming the care experience.