Talent is the Primary Predictor of Performance

by Talent Plus

During times like these, it takes a superhero to get people back on their feet, to help us move forward and to give us hope. Today those superheroes are our doctors, nurses and healthcare staff who are risking their own health, working double shifts, and being the comfort to isolated patients and their families. To us, what may seem impossible and amazing is something that comes so naturally to these individuals. These extraordinary people are compassionate, selfless, hardworking, and resilient without even trying. We need these types of people, not just in a time of crisis but every day.  

We recognize and thank these extraordinary healthcare workers for what they do. It takes a special person with special talents to be this kind of superhero and it certainly wasn’t learned from a book or in school. Our science specializes in uncovering natural tendencies and behaviors to predict future success.   

We know from our 30-year history, talent is the primary predicter of performance.  Our research shows that the best among us – turn the extraordinary into their everyday. 

We measure talents like: Mission, Relationship, Positivity, Patient Centricity and more in our scientifically validated assessments. Leveraging our assessments helps healthcare organizations as they strive to select, develop, and retain the best of the best.  We know that talent is a significant driver of patient satisfaction and talent positively impacts hospital experience ratings as seen in higher HCAHPS scores.   

Talent Plus believes everyone has talent and it is our mission to place people in the roles where their natural talents make a difference.