Unleash Your Company’s Potential in 2023

by Talent Plus

If we’re being honest, 2022 has been a real nail-biter for those of us in the talent business. 

From the rise of “quiet quitting” to the lingering effects of The Great Resignation and burnout, HR professionals grapple with unprecedented challenges at every turn. 

Though the road sometimes feels rough, at Talent Plus, we help solve your People Ops problems with the power of science, learning and professional development that empowers your workforce and unlocks their potential. 

Explore our trending blogs from 2022 to help you find and empower the right people and unleash your company’s potential. 

1. Unlock Employee Development with the Talent Card ®

Supporting your employees begins with holistically understanding the people who work for you. Learn how our Talent Card ® can give your team insight into important factors such as your employee’s learning style, influences, working style and decision-making skills.

2. What’s Wrong with Personality Tests?

Your goal as a talent professional is to find candidates who thrive over the long haul. But personality tests and other less scientific methods are not the best way to find a perfect fit. Read this article to learn why your team should ditch the Big 5 for a more comprehensive approach.

3. People (and Their Talents) Are Key to Your Success

Leadership teams with an eye on longevity understand the importance of attracting and supporting the right candidates. Read our take on how organizations like Idaho Central Credit Union and Children’s National Hospital are investing in success by putting their people first.

4. Letting Go: How to Step Aside and Do What You Love

You can’t be everything to everyone. Read Mark Epp’s journey from being an unsuccessful people manager to thriving in his current role. Now he gives business leaders the 1:1 guidance they need to find — and lean on — their best talents.

5. It’s Not Enough To Retain People. It’s About Retaining the RIGHT People

With turnover at historic levels, HR professionals compete with The Great Resignation, unstable financial markets, and, most critically, “brain drain.” Read this article to learn actionable strategies for retaining top talent, even in uncertain times.