A Gift from Talent Plus – Encourage the Person in Front of You! | Part 1

by Mark Epp

December 13, 2021Blog

In the Holiday Season’s spirit of appreciation and gratitude — here are twenty actions the colleagues at Talent Plus shared that we do to encourage the people, friends, family, and others in front of us during the Holiday Season! 

  1. Listen 
  2. Be present 
  3. Have one-on-one time together 
  4. Be curious 
  5. Give hugs 
  6. Put our phones away 
  7. Tell them we appreciate them and are grateful for them 
  8. Surprise them in a special, meaningful way 
  9. Be less judgmental 
  10. Be helpful 
  11. Talk to them, ask more questions 
  12. Connect with them 
  13. Introduce yourself to those you don’t know 
  14. Fully engage in the moment at hand 
  15. Extend an invitation 
  16. Help with the dishes 
  17. Thank them for their efforts and simply being who they are 
  18. Welcome a stranger 
  19. Choose how you want to show up 
  20. Inspire them by telling them what they do beautifully
  • What are other actions you take to make sure the person in front of you is really okay, not just going through the motions?  
  • Our mission at Talent Plus is to create a better world and we do that through relationships. Relationships is the plus in our company name and is defined as “the reaction a person has to the existence of another individual.” Let people know they are recognized and that they exist, and you will make an ongoing, positive difference in the lives of everyone you encounter. 
  • What if we lived our lives with this spirit in our hearts every day 

Here’s to good health, happiness, safe travels, and love overflowing to you and all those you care about around the globe, Mark 

Mark Epp

Mark is the Management Consultant Director at Talent Plus where he aligns The Science of Potentiality ® to each client’s unique needs and support their growth. He brings potential to life through the practical application of our science and enables employees to prosper and organizations to succeed.

“There is nothing more satisfying than witnessing the exponential growth of an employee when they discover and express their talent.”

Talents: Ego Drive, Focus, Individualized Approach, Persuasion, Relationship