Dear Hiring Managers: These 10 Behaviors Are Scaring Your Interviewees Off – FAIRYGODBOSS

by Talent Plus

December 29, 2017BlogEngagement

Kim Turnage, Senior Leadership Consultant and co-author of “Managing to Make a Difference,” is featured amongst fellow HR experts who share things to avoid while interviewing potential new employees with FAIRYGODBOSS. The blog, “Dear Hiring Managers: These 10 Behaviors Are Scaring Your Interviewees,” provides a great list of things hiring managers should avoid when interviewing candidates.

“Candidates are becoming more and more wary of revealing their current salary in an interview process. Stories abound about how to turn the conversation in a different direction when those questions arise. Hiring managers should think carefully about how to handle that kind of conversation (in some states they cannot even ask) and how to keep high quality candidates interested in the job even if salary becomes a sticking point. What other benefits can they offer from a total compensation perspective? What intangible benefits exist based on the fit between the candidate’s goals and the company’s culture?” – Kim Turnage

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