For Best Long-Term Results, Develop Your Leaders Now

by Talent Plus

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Think about the best leader you’ve ever met. 

Describe what it is that makes them a good leader. Perhaps it’s a no-nonsense approach, or an excellent communication philosophy. 

Think about the traits you’ve come up with. You’ll find that most of them describe habits that play to the strengths of their team, driving engagement and fulfilling a vision. 

You’ll also find that leaders who have these traits seem to naturally have these talents and constantly work to develop them. Strong leadership sets the example for the rest of the company and where it needs to go in the future. 

According to research, leaders account for over 41% of engagement within their teams. Engagement occurs when leaders listen, are more predictable in their words and actions, recognize successes and provide development opportunities to their team members. In other words, a good leader is crucial to your vision and your success is tied to theirs. 

This is why developing top leaders — at any point in their careers — is so important. The best leaders grow based on experience and feedback from team members and their own leaders and coaches. This constructive feedback environment is key as leaders understand their key strengths and to gain the perspective of their peers, leaders and team members regarding these same strengths. 

Develop and Empower Your Leaders with our Leadership 360° Solution

At Talent Plus, we help transform organizations through a powerhouse of confident, visionary leaders. Our Leadership 360° solution provides the environment to receive feedback, strategies for leveraging strengths and transform feedback into goals and an action plan for future success. Through expert debrief and customized coaching, we work toward aligning the individual’s goals with company and team goals for a mutually beneficial outcome. 

Filtered through 10 competencies key to strong leadership, such as accountability, business acumen and team building, this feedback empowers leaders with directional guidance, fully maximizing their potential as the leaders you develop today grow into their leadership as their career grows. 

This strengths-based approach helps cement your goals and ensures continued results, allowing you to maintain a pipeline of current and future leaders. 

The right leader fulfills your company vision. Confidently reaching goals, your leaders today empower and inspire aspiring leaders within your organization, setting you up for long-term success. 

Think about the best leader you may have in organization now, and boost their development journey with Leadership 360°.