Make a Difference: Emotionally Rehire People

by Talent Plus

October 23, 2017Blog

Emotional rehiring. It’s an odd phrase. Maybe you’ve never heard it before. But you’ve probably done it – or someone has done it for you – at least once.

It’s a specific expression of gratitude that results in “re-upping” your commitment to the relationship you share with another person. Here’s a simple, straightforward example:

Dear Larry,

Congratulations on your acceptance to speak at a big conference. This is a huge win for you and our company. I appreciate your preparation and your uncompromising commitment to delivering an excellent experience for every person who will hear you speak. I love working with you!


Listen in to this week’s podcast as Larry Sternberg, Kimberly Shirk and I discuss:

  • The three key elements of Emotional Rehiring (the 3rd one is critically important)
  • How Emotional Rehiring helps managers cultivate a culture of appreciation
  • Specific tools that can help make Emotional Rehiring and other forms of recognition easy for people to give and receive — up, down and sideways within your organization
  • The power of Emotional Rehiring specifically (and gratitude and recognition more generally) to motivate and inspire
  • The limitations of Emotional Rehiring as a reactive approach to retaining people

At the end of this podcast, we ask our listeners — and now we’re asking you — two questions:

  1. What is the most meaningful recognition you have ever received from someone?
  2. What is the most meaningful recognition you have ever given to someone else?

We hope to hear your stories! Share your answers to one or both of those questions here in a comment, and we’ll broadcast them in a future podcast.

Until next time, manage to make a difference every day!

+ Larry Sternberg, J.D. and Kim Turnage, Ph.D.

This post highlights Chapters 52 and 53 of Managing to Make a Difference (Wiley), a handbook for hitting the sweet spot of middle management. Next up: Address Poor Performance and Bad Behavior. Connect with Kim Turnage and Larry Sternberg on LinkedIn to see their latest updates.