Executive Coaching Creates A Platform for A Record-Breaking Year


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Executive Coaching

An equity firm came to Talent Plus regarding a company in its portfolio. Investors believed a change in senior leadership would yield the changes needed to turn a profit. 

The new CEO selected with the Talent Plus Executive Interview had no previous experience in the role. Investors were able to see that this candidate had the talent to be a great leader and the requisite skill to be effective. 

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Executive Coaching


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Executive Coaching Creates A Platform for a Record-Breaking Year

A Talent Plus senior leadership consultant met with this new CEO for Executive Coaching. Using his Executive Interview results, goals were set for the outcomes of the sessions. First, they focused on time management to become more effective. Next, assessing the organization's alignment and whether people fit their roles. 

This Executive Coaching engagement exceeded the objectives set out at the beginning. Executive Coaching allowed this individual to grow into his full potential as a leader. 

Prior to the CEO joining, the company broke even. After, they operated at a surplus and recorded the best six months and the best year in the history of the company. 

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