Talent Plus ® Solutions Result in Dramatic Decreases in Turnover


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Employee Retention and Turnover

Low unemployment and high competition make employee retention paramount. At a 2,000-employee company with a $60,000 mean salary/benefit package, turnover cost is 25 percent – up to $4 million annually*.

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Employee Retention and Turnover




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Talent Plus ® Solutions Result in Dramatic Decreases in Turnover

When this client partner with over 600 stores implemented Talent Plus’ Quality Selection Process ® (QSP ®), turnover reduced 29%, 16% and 7% for hourly associates, all management and store managers, respectively.

New Store Turnover Reduced

Turnover cost includes employee development, experience gained and productivity lost. Talent-based solutions combined with selecting employees who fit the role and culture can increase retention increases and decrease turnover.

One store using QSP had 2.8% less turnover** than a store not utilizing QSP — a projected 34 % decrease in annual turnover


*Saratoga Institute and Kepner-Tregoe, Inc.

**Per month in its first two months of operation

Decreased Turnover

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