Why Promotions Fail

by Talent Plus

July 14, 2020BlogLeadership

Improve your odds and your bottom line with scientific selection.

When it comes to progression, succession and workforce planning, many organizations struggle to determine who to move into that next level. Often, they look to the top performers or those who have been there the longest and automatically assume they are going to succeed as a leader – but you and I know that is simply not the case.   

Ask yourself, do the best players make the best coaches? We looked at research regarding coaches in the NFL and found that only one-third of coaches played football professionally. This means two-thirds of these highly paid individuals never made it to the level of individual performance they now coach and manage. 

Many times, when we push a top performer or a highly tenured individual into a leadership position, it  does not work out.  The top performer, turned manager, becomes unhappy because it is not the right fit, and their team members do not succeed because they don’t have the right leader. This person often ends up leaving the company, taking their valuable knowledge and insights with them. 

Studies show that a highly effective manager drives 41 percent higher employee engagement.
So, how can you better determine who to put into leadership positions?   

Talent Plus has spent over 30 years studying 60,000+ leaders to understand what qualities and talents lead to success. Through our partnerships, we help organizations assess their leadership candidates and identify those who will succeed, resulting in higher performance, higher team engagement and lower team turnover!  

It takes a talented individual to become an exceptional leader; why guess when we can accurately identify them? Management is the number-one reason individuals quit their job and makes up 70 percent of the employee engagement variance. Improve your odds when selecting and improve your bottom line.