Are You Being Blindsided by Your “Inner Critical Voice?” | Part 1

by Mark Epp

October 06, 2021Blog

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During a recent meeting, an executive said to a client, “I’m not the smartest person in the world, I’m ignorant about a lot of things, and this issue is certainly one of them.” How well do you think those words resonated with the client?  

It’s shocking to hear the kind of self-perpetrated negativity that some executives say about themselves and even disclose out loud to their colleagues and clients.  

As a certified professional coach, my questions are, “How often does that thought come up for you? How well is that thought serving you or your clients?” This highly experienced, well-educated, and respected professional can’t actually think they aren’t very smart. It could be a defense mechanism they use to appear humble in the eyes of others, but how well is that working? 

We’re all “ignorant about a lot of things,” but whoever is whispering that idea in the ear of this executive has enough influence over this person that they would actually echo that notion to a client. 

Of course, this whisper is their own inner critical voice! 

From time to time, we have all wrestled with our critical voice — the one that says, “You’re not smart enough, you’re not educated enough, you’re too young or old, and you’re not talented enough.” Is this power you’re giving that voice stopping you from developing your potential or from achieving your goals? 

Think about this: You’re going to have to live with that critical voice for the rest of your life. How you manage it will allow you to live powerfully in spite of that self-inflected antagonism.    

Over the next few weeks, I’d like to share some of the life-changing lessons learned during my iPEC professional coach certification. Becoming aware of and shifting away from those thoughts that hold you back gives you a chance to choose who you want to be rather than being a victim to the “not-good-enough” syndrome. 

Here’s what’s coming up next – Naming and physicalizing your critical voice. Who is that creature anyway?  

Until then, good health with continued successes,  


Series Part: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Mark Epp

Mark is the Management Consultant Director at Talent Plus where he aligns The Science of Potentiality ® to each client’s unique needs and support their growth. He brings potential to life through the practical application of our science and enables employees to prosper and organizations to succeed.

“There is nothing more satisfying than witnessing the exponential growth of an employee when they discover and express their talent.”

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