Make A Difference: Recruit Continuously

by Talent Plus

August 21, 2017BlogTalent Lifecycle

A recent SHRM survey found that filling a vacant position takes an average of 42 days and costs and average of over $4,100 dollars. That works out to about $100 a day.

What if you could transfer most or all of that cost to your bottom line? How would that change your financial results as a manager or leader? And how would it change the quality of your team’s overall performance if you had great candidates waiting in the wings every time someone on your team left for one reason or another? What if you could cut those 42 days by 50%…or more?

This is the beauty of continuous recruiting, and we can help you figure out how to do it.

Managers who want to build extraordinary teams (and achieve extraordinary results) must start by recruiting continuously. Whether you have an open slot on your team or not, looking for the right people – everywhere, all the time – keeps you in a position to seed your team with the best and brightest.

Listen in to our podcast as Larry Sternberg and I discuss recruiting with our colleague, Kyle Bruss, who leads recruiting for Talent Plus. We talk about:

  • Why continuous recruiting matters and how to overcome barriers to it
  • ‘Aggressive patience’ and how it pays off in recruiting
  • Our Best Performer Recruiting Tool, the best method for finding great candidates for your team
  • Recruiting for performance vs. potential
  • How continuous recruiting impacts the candidate experience
  • Talent Gravitation and how it drives results

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+ Larry Sternberg, J.D. and Kim Turnage, Ph.D.

This post highlights Chapter 19 of Managing to Make a Difference (Wiley), a handbook for hitting the sweet spot of middle management. Next up: Emphasize the Why. Connect with Kim Turnage and Larry Sternberg on LinkedIn to see their latest updates.